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postheadericon Do not Regret! It’s Tips on choosing housing

As a primary requirement, choosing a home certainly should not be done in vain. Not always talking about price, but the condition of the building that can survive in the long term, also a separate consideration.

Lately many developers are offering the concept of housing, whether subsidized or non-subsidized. If you have money, choosing non-subsidies is certainly better because it is usually filled with various interesting facilities, but if mediocre, it could not hurt to buy FLPP home.

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However, there are various things that must be considered in choosing housing. Do not be humiliated if you do not want to regret in the future. Some things to note include:

  • Developer Reputation

It’s not a new thing if buying and selling transactions require mutual trust, let alone a home that involves money is not small. It is therefore important to choose a trusted developer / developer. At least, look at the developer’s track record with various examples of areas he has built. Whether presenting an environment to your liking or not.

  • Facilities & Access

Surely homeowners do not want to trouble when about to do the activity. For that, observe the facilities offered by the developer. Besides the house, let alone the facilities to be built, or the area is close to any means?

Do not also forget about access, housing with certain areas. For example tolls, highways, or train stations, these will support the mobility of occupants to certain areas.

  • Payment Methods

Various easiness in providing a way of payment can also be an alternative to prospective home buyers. If you have cash, hard cash can be done immediately, but if not, there is no harm in choosing a mortgage system or cash installment / gradually.

KPR is easy because the payment can be repaid up to 20 or even 25 years, but hard cash buying price is much cheaper because it is not subject to interest. As an illustration, the subsidy house that cost 133.5 million could be 250 million if the total with interest on the installment.

Another alternative is cash in stages, the price goes up around Rp 10 million-Rp 20 million (depending on the basic price), but prospective customers have been able to install it for 12 months. In fact there are some developers who give gimmick installment up to 36 times (3 years).

  • Balance Needs with Desire

One of the most important and should not be forgotten is to think about whether the house is right for you? Think about what if you live there, what kind of environment and how does that house support your daily needs? For example how is the distance of housing with work location? How will the housing facilitate you later? Because if you buy a house, it is certainly to be occupied, especially if you are a first home buyer.

postheadericon Gorgeous fitted wardrobes made for you

Beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobes are designed to complement the way you live. From bedrooms, loft spaces, home offices, and living rooms, fitted furniture has commonly thrived into smooth, space-saving designs, suitable for any interior.

Bespoke wardrobes are not something you find stocked at a local furniture store. The very word bespoke signifies furniture made for the individual home and the way the owners live and use their wardrobes.

A bespoke fitted wardrobe is custom made to fit the specified room. It aims to maximize the space of the room by using clever solutions. Measurements are taken from wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor or of the angle where the piece will be fitted into. These include awkward corners or sloping roofs, so no space is wasted.

There are numerous styles of fitted wardrobes, each appropriately suited to a range of spaces and budgets.

Some different styles include partially enclosed wardrobes; sliding doors, hinged doors or fully enclosed installations.

The fully enclosed style is fitted precisely into space, from top to bottom and between walls which makes it attractive and space saving.

To conclude, bespoke built-in wardrobes are perfect for a home but at the same time an expensive investment.As such, you should wisely choose a professional company such as Capital Bedrooms for design, manufacturing and installation of built in wardrobes. Better yet, visit our showroom of fitted wardrobes to guide and broaden your knowledge.

Our professional consultants provide excellent design ideas and solutions for your requirements.

With the latest German technology in our in-house factory, together with highly skilled carpenters and fitters, we ensure you the highest quality and the most beautiful fitted furniture for your home.

postheadericon Automatic blinds are very much attractive in homes

In general, blinds without motor and with motor are available. With motor blinds are a little bit expensive to buy. At the same time, once, good motorised blinds could be operated with the remote switch. This works without any noise this is the specialty of the motor. In general motor sound would be irritating with the poor quality motor blinds. Now the motor is checked with more care. After this the motor blinds are produced. This is the reason now everyone is buying blinds with the motor. This kind of motor blinds are sold with the guarantee, for the motor therefore the user can use according to his wish. When the motor is not working or working with heavy noise, the owner of the motor blinds could return to the shop, the shop would be repairing the same and offering again to the owner of the motor blinds. In case the water leak is seen in the home, the drop of the water is going deep inside the motor; in this case, the shop owner would not be taking back the motor blinds, for this purpose good waterproofing specialist is available. The specialist is arriving to the home providing free quote to the house owner and doing the correction service to the roof. The jaundice problem takes place to a person only with the water infections for this purpose; jaundice home treatment with phototherapy treatment rental is available. This equipment can identify the problem level and of course the physician offers the best medicine to the patient, so the recovery from the jaundice problem. This kind of efficient treatment is absolutely required for jaundice. Only with the effective treatment a patient could recover from his health disorder as quickly as possible.


In general, blinds are bringing more attraction to the home, for this purpose owner of the home is spending money and installing blinds to all his windows. At the same time, while manual operation the blinds are spoiled and within six months the blinds are not looking with grand look. This could be avoided easily by buying the blinds with the motor. This motor is long last for many years, as the motor is connected with the automated remote switch.  When a member of the family needs to close the window all he has to take the remote switch and select the off button automatically screen goes to end position.

postheadericon Choose the best flooring option for new homes

Selecting the right type flooring for the home is a difficult process.  But such an activity  should be taken seriously by every home owner. Buildings are found to construct with different flooring designs and one such design is vinyl flooring. Many People are unaware of such designs. There are many flooring options on the market and knowing which one is right for your dwelling should be based on your budget and lifestyle. Hardwood flooring is often regarded as one of the best floor choices for the home, as it’s beautiful and offers a lifetime of value. Unlike other flooring selections that need to be replaced over the years, hardwood can last forever with the proper maintenance. It is prone to scratches and dents, especially, when you select a softer floor. For these reasons, many people are choosing a well known wood supplier Singapore who generally goes with engineered wood instead of solid wood floors. While solid hardwood is made entirely from hardwood, engineered hardwood has a plywood center and a hardwood veneer glued on top. This type of flooring is becoming quite popular, as it offers the look of hardwood but with added strength and durability.


Why vinyl flooring is preferred over others?

An Important advantage of using vinyl flooring design in homes is found to be durable and flexible. However, it is must to know that durability is completely depends on the way you lay it out. There is some tricky procedure while laying out such designs; if you have done it correctly then the vinyl flooring will be able to last for many years. And moreover this type of flooring design will helps you to save more money and it reduces wear & tear. Other than its durability, it helps you to stand on it barefoot. The original sheet will provide you a firm grip due to their higher flexibility. When you have chosen the right floor from a good vinyl plank flooring in Singapore your home will look well-decorated and charming. You can also enjoy the value that flooring delivers to each room, as it has a way of bringing the home together in harmony. Whether you are building a new construction or updating your space, choosing the right floor can only be achieved when you know the available options. Selecting well known home cleaning services is surely cost effective. It is very easy to install when compared to other flooring materials and professional persons will lay them very quickly. You no need to replace it frequently and in that way you will be saving more money.


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